Fashion Bertrand



 Barbi Bertrand wearing her design "Queenie Pie" from the L'Electrique Collection

Ageless Beauty

Dear Clients, Friends and Fans:
Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I'm Barbi Bertrand,  a sixty-year-old fashion designer, beauty consultant, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and spiritual warrior woman.  I have always worn gorgeous attire that reflects who I am, whether purchased or made by me from scratch.  For years I enjoyed altering and reinventing my store bought outfits into my unique one of a kind designs and using unique accessories, make-up, hair, nails and shoes to create my individualistic "ageless beauty style.  I became passionate to create my own line of clothes from all the beautiful things that inspire me in life.  I enjoy singing, cooking, and working out daily; as well as all the timeless beauty that is around me as a resident of Riverside and Long Beach, California.

I have always been daring and true to myself.  I like to take risks and try new things. My designs explore all aspects of any woman's natural beauty. Wanting to look like everyone else and wearing trends is not me.  I dress for me.  I’m unique, a girl on the go always owning my style. 

I also enjoy the research of creating my unique collections of designs.  I put in many hours to find historically valuable textures and love to "reinvent" the past and make it new and hip and relevant to today.  My designs are versatile and eclectic. From 1940s and 1950s inspired couture, to funky 60's and 70s glam, to brilliantly vibrant African prints that celebrate my lineage and the multifaceted person I am.  

I also coach women on how to quickly find their own unique style.  I work with women on understanding their unique body dimensions and how to wear styles that most flatter the women's natural shape.  I aid my clients in understanding skin tone, and which colors to choose as well as which fabrics and styles are best for them.  I also consult on shoes, accessories, nails and hair styles..  I show a woman how to take just a few articles from my collections or a commissioned design and make it timeless.   My clients wear my designs year after year.  AGELESS BEAUTY! This can be true of you as well. 

Working out five days a week and being a vegetarian is a great part of my being. I also assist my clients on simple life changes in diet and exercise that can help one feel radiant at any age.
As for historical fashion eras I'm specifically passionate about the 40s through 70s.  As you can see from my website I have distinctive fashions and accessories. I’m a self taught seamstress. Life experiences have shaped my fashion sense. I believe all people are beautiful and women should empower themselves by allowing the inner self to express their style and how wonderful you can feel in your style of choice.  Yeah, I’ve always worn what makes me feel me.  You should do the same, whatever makes you feel you, beautiful and happy. You go girls!  Fashion Bertrand is here to support you on your unique journey.